The Birds and the Bees

By Mark Crawford
Directed by Lauren Taylor
An Arts Club Theatre Company (Vancouver) Production
Presented by Alberta Theatre Projects

May 7 – May 25, 2024


Martha Cohen Theatre

From the playwright of The New Canadian Curling Club

Sarah, a turkey farmer, has just left her husband and moved back home to live with her mom Gail. Despite the fact that she’s a divorcée of twenty years herself, Gail isn’t exactly providing the sympathy Sarah needs. Gail’s a beekeeper and she has other things to worry about—like why her honeybees are dropping dead.

Then there’s Earl: Gail’s neighbour, farm tenant, and the ex-husband of Gail’s ex-husband’s new wife. In these past twenty years, he’s been keeping himself mighty busy with the ladies, but Gail has just never really got back on that horse… so to speak. And finally, there’s Ben: an athletic 23-year-old Master’s student, here to study the collapsing bee colonies. Secretly still a virgin, he’s about to get a big lesson in pollination… if you know what we mean.

Set in two adjoining bedrooms on a modern Canadian farm, the play tackles sex, love, science, family, and the artificial insemination of turkeys. The Birds and the Bees is a laugh-out-loud comedy with brains… and a huge, honeyed heart.

“Belly laugh after belly laugh in this outstanding, warm hearted comedy…”
– London Free Press

“Often funny, sometimes heartwarming, and thoroughly charming . . .
This may be just the type of play a lot of us need.”
 – CBC

This show contains mature content and discussions of sex. Suggested for ages 14+

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