| 2021-22 Season, Kim's Convenience

Alberta Theatre Projects welcomes Kim’s Convenience by Ins Choi to the Martha Cohen Theatre, April 13 – May 1

Can you really call yourself Canadian if you’re not familiar with the hit TV Show Kim’s Convenience? The sitcom is about a Korean Canadian shopkeeper Mr. Kim /“Appa,” his wife, Mrs. Kim/“Umma” – Korean for dad and mom – along with their daughter Janet, and estranged son Jung. It won hearts as it became a runaway hit on national television. It rose to international acclaim, aided by pickup by streaming company Netflix.


| 2021-22 Season, Alberta Kitchen Party

Alberta Kitchen Party offers an inside look at the challenges and triumphs of being a performing artist in Alberta

A couple of short years back, kitchen parties could be found in homes across the country. As friends gather, inevitably, they end up in the kitchen – casual and joyous gatherings, surrounded by food, drink, and music. Alberta Theatre Projects’ new show, Alberta Kitchen Party (produced in association with Forte Musical Theatre Guild), calls upon these familiar and longed-for days and celebrates those feelings of community, belonging, and searching for a place to call home.


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Dresses for Undressed

What DID ATP do with those donated used wedding dresses?

In November, Alberta Theatre Projects asked the community for their help in the search for used wedding dresses to bring our show, Undressed, to life. Posted on social media and followed by an interview with CBC  featuring writer and performer Louise Casemore, the request was for white and off-white gowns to be repurposed through theatre magic for the onstage set design.


| 2021-22 Season, In Wonderland

Alberta Theatre Projects welcomes families from Kids Up Front back to the theatre for our annual holiday event!

It’s been the longest intermission ever, with the pandemic preventing Alberta Theatre Projects from welcoming full audiences into our playhouse at the Martha Cohen Theatre since March 2020. On Sunday, November 21st, 2021, our company was delighted to open our doors, and welcome over 300 guests to watch the dress rehearsal of In Wonderland by Anna Cummer!


| 2021-22 Season, Undressed

What do you do with a used Wedding Dress?

You loved it. You wore it. You looked ravishing in it! And it’s been sitting in your closet ever since. Maybe it’s been months or even years since you wore your wedding dress – have you ever wondered: what do I do with it now? Perhaps you’d consider donating it for art!


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Sharon Pollock Remembered

On April 22, Canadian theatre lost an absolute titan. Sharon Pollock was a renowned playwright, actor and director; a groundbreaker, mentor, and teacher – her life touched countless others, and shaped the very landscape of Canadian theatre.

Alberta Theatre Projects’ Founding Artistic Director Douglas Riske reflected on meeting and working with Sharon Pollock before and during his time at ATP:


| 2020-21 Season

Meet Haysam Kadri, Alberta Theatre Projects new Interim Artistic Director

By Elizabeth Chorney-Booth

The Show Must Go On. It’s the theatre world’s most famous saying because it so encapsulates the passion and tenacity of theatre artists who rise to the occasion even in the most trying of times. The last 12 months have been a challenge for just about everyone in the arts sector and Alberta Theatre Projects had a particularly heartbreaking 2020, but the company is moving onward and upward with the announcement of Haysam Kadri as its new Interim Artistic Director.