Enbridge Playwrights Awards

Committed to nurturing Canadian playwriting talent, this $3,000 award was presented annually to one emerging and one established playwright to foster the development of a new play.

Alberta Theatre Projects is a national leader in play development and dramaturgy, creating and producing world premiere productions. The creation and production of new Canadian plays is at the core of what we do, and we believe that it is vitally important to our community. By sharing new stories and new perspectives from artists right here at home we feed our curiosity and engage passionately with the times we live in, and with each other.

Enbridge Inc., a Canadian company, is a North American leader in delivering energy and one of the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations. Enbridge recognizes the value of investing expertise, energy and resources in community initiatives. Over the last decade, Enbridge has invested over $50 million in a diverse spectrum of initiatives aimed at strengthening our communities. Enbridge employs approximately 10,000 people, primarily in Canada and the U.S. and is ranked as one of Canada’s Greenest Employers, and one of the Top 100 Companies to Work for in Canada. For more information, visit www.enbridge.com/inyourcommunity

Past Recipients

2017 Nicole Moeller (Edmonton, AB) – Established Canadian Playwright

2017 Louise Casemore (Calgary, AB) – Emerging Canadian Playwright

2016 David van Belle (Calgary, AB) – Established Canadian Playwright

2016 Michaela Jeffery (Calgary, AB) – Emerging Canadian Playwright

2016 Tyler Klein Longmire (Calgary, AB) – Emerging Canadian Playwright Honorable Mention

2015 Karen Hines (Calgary, AB) – Established Canadian Playwright

2015 Col Cseke (Calgary, AB) – Emerging Canadian Playwright

2014 Marie Clements (Vancouver, BC) – Established Canadian Playwright

2014 Leah Jane Esau (Montreal, QC) – Emerging Canadian Playwright

2013 Mieko Ouchi (Edmonton, AB) – Established Canadian Playwright

2013 Erin Brandenburg (Toronto, ON) – Emerging Canadian Playwright

2012 Diane Flacks (Toronto, ON) – Established Canadian Playwright

2012 Jordan Tannahill (Toronto, ON) –Emerging Canadian Playwright

2011 Sally Stubbs (Vancouver, BC) – Established Canadian Playwright

2011 Valerie Sing Turner (Vancouver, BC) – Emerging Canadian Playwright

2010 Daniel Macdonald (Regina, SK) – Established Canadian Playwright

2010 Erin Shields & Maev Beaty (Toronto, ON) – Emerging Canadian Playwright

2009 Florence Gibson (Toronto, ON) – Established Canadian Playwright

2009 Donna Michelle St. Bernard (Toronto, ON) – Emerging Canadian Playwright

2008 Trina Davies (Vancouver, British Columbia) – Established Canadian Playwright

2008 David Fancy (St. Catharines, Ontario) – Emerging Canadian Playwright

2007 Ken Cameron (Calgary, Alberta) – Established Canadian Playwright

2007 Miranda Huba (Vancouver, British Columbia) – Emerging Canadian Playwright

2006 Colleen Murphy (Toronto, Ontario)

2005 Marty Chan (Edmonton, Alberta)