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“We know the impact that fine and performing arts can have on a child’s life, and it is truly inspirational and impactful for our students to be exposed to the imaginative and creative worlds of professional theatre at Alberta Theatre Projects.”
-Calgary Board of Education Teacher

“Alberta Theatre Projects is keeping with its history as one of the country’s most important hubs for contemporary Canadian playwriting.”
-J. Kelly Nestruck, The Globe & Mail

Donor Levels & Recognition

When you donate, you also have the option to join our Monthly Giving Program! With a small commitment each month, you can help support our work year-round. It’s easy, convenient, and flexible!

$25+ |  Glowing Heart

  • Tax Receipt

$50+  |  Friend of Alberta Theatre Projects

  • Tax Receipt
  • Name listed in program and lobby video monitor
  • Invitation to Playwrights Projects reading of a new play

$1000+  |  Green Room

  • All of the above benefits plus
  • Invitation to one Dress Rehearsal with reception

$2500+  |  Director’s Circle

  • All of the above benefits plus
  • Invitation to “Dinner with Darcy” at the River Café

$5000+  |  Actor’s Circle

  • All of the above benefits plus
  • Alberta Theatre Projects season branded souvenir
  • Invitation to attend the welcome coffee and meet the cast on the first day of rehearsal

$10,000+  |  Playwright’s Circle

  • All of the above benefits plus
  • Signed limited edition season poster
  • Complimentary beverages
  • Invitation to VIP pre-show reception

$20,000+  |  Executive & Artistic Director’s Circle

  • All of the above benefits plus
  • Invitation to private dinner with Executive & Artistic Director
  • Opportunity to have your name alongside sponsor on cover of program

Donate today and see your impact on stage! Email Chelsey Kehler at ckehler@atplive.com or call 403-294-7475.

Other Donation Options

Donate by Mail

Cheques can be made out to Alberta Theatre Projects, and mailed to:

Alberta Theatre Projects
Development Department
220 9 Ave SE
Calgary, AB T2G 5C4

Or contact us to donate by phone or get more information at 403-294-7475 or giving@atplive.com 

Monthly Donation

You can choose to donate a certain amount monthly, to be processed on the 1st or 15th of the month. Set up a monthly donation by contacting us at 403-294-7475 or giving@atplive.com

Corporate Matching

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match employee contributions.
Check with your company’s HR department to see if they will match your contribution to Alberta Theatre Projects.
Questions? Email us at giving@atplive.com

Legacy Giving

If you have remembered ATP by planning a Legacy gift, please let us know so that we can celebrate your thoughtfulness.

For further information about any of the options below or to schedule a meeting with a member of our Development team, please contact us at 403-294-7475 or email us at giving@atplive.com


A bequest is a gift of cash or property that you make in your will.

A bequest to Alberta Theatre Projects can also provide a tax benefit to your estate. The estate will get a tax receipt for the full value of the bequest. That receipt will reduce the tax payable by the estate. If the total receipt cannot be used for tax purposes on the donor’s final tax return, the excess may be carried back to the previous tax year and used to claim a refund.

Wills can be complex and should be drafted with the help of a lawyer. A lawyer, tax accountant or estate planner can help you set up your will to minimize taxes and probate fees on your estate.

If you are thinking of including Alberta Theatre Projects in your will, we would like to meet with you or your lawyer to review the terms of the bequest, particularly if it is restricted, to ensure that we will be able to comply with your wishes.

Publicly Listed Securities

Relatively recent tax incentives have made gifts of publicly listed securities an effective way to make a significant donation.

If many of your assets are tied up in the form of appreciated stocks and securities, you can eliminate capital gains tax and receive a charitable tax receipt for the fair market value of the shares by donating some of them directly to Alberta Theatre Projects.

Life Insurance

An individual’s or family’s life insurance needs often change over the years. As a result, many individuals find that they no longer require those old policies to look after what they were originally purchased for.

Rather than simply cancelling the insurance and losing the payments made into their policies, policy holders can make a significant gift in the future by naming Alberta Theatre Projects as beneficiary.

This allows ATP to receive all, or a portion of, the death benefit proceeds of the policy which is no longer needed for family protection. In this way the donor is turning excess insurance coverage into future benefits for ATP.

Naming Alberta Theatre Projects as the beneficiary and owner of a life insurance policy will provide the donor with the opportunity to contribute a substantial gift at the time of his or her death, and receive a tax receipt for any premiums paid.

If Alberta Theatre Projects becomes the sole irrevocable beneficiary of an existing policy, the donor will receive a tax receipt for the net cash surrender value and for any remaining premiums that continue to be paid by the donor.

*We strongly encourage you to seek professional legal, estate planning and/or financial advice when making decisions about your gift to Alberta Theatre Projects.

Corporate Giving

Corporations can support ATP through both sponsoring and donating. We offer a variety of opportunities that can be customized to meet your branding, marketing and corporate entertainment needs. For more information please call 403-294-7475 or email giving@atplive.com

Our Glowing Hearts

We offer our sincere appreciation to all of our amazing individual donors. We couldn’t do what we do without your support. Thank you.

Anne Brown

$10,000 – $24,999
Anonymous • John Humphrey & Laura McLeod • Judy MacLachlan • Kerrie Penney & Don Swystun • Tamaratt Endowment Fund at the Calgary Foundation

$5000 – $9999
Anonymous • Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster • Dr. Maire A. Duggan • Barbara & Brian Howes • Phred & Phredette • The William & Elizabeth Miller Fund • Sheila O’Brien • Clarice Siebens • Susan Tyrrell & Brian Mills

$2500 – $4999
Anonymous • Barbara Beaton • Beverly & Gerry Berkhold • Frank Durnford & Jason Lee • Hays Ranches • Andrew & Mavis Holder • Alex MacWilliam • Hugh McGillivray • Chima Nkemdirim • Suzanne Tough & Bruce Moeng • Karen & Bill Towsley

$1000 – $2499
Anonymous • Kathy Andrews • Diana & David Ballard • Meg Barker • Louise Berlin • Mark Brown • Barbara Cichon • Cheryl Cohen • Denis Courturier • Walter & Irene DeBoni • Joyce & Quentin Doolittle • Anne-Marie & William Duma • Jacqueline & Edward Engstrom • Gloria Fournier • Greg Bond Musical Theatre Fund • Corey Hallisey • Richard & Lois Haskayne • Lisha Hassanali • Hays Ranches • Dale Huntingford & Virginia Dobson • Shui Sun (Johnson) Ieong • Joshua A. Jantzie • Suzy &  Andrew Judson • Hal & Kathryn Kerbes • Tas Kotadia • Janine Laboissiere • Angela Maitland • Marilyn & Mark Brown Fund at the Calgary Foundation • Bruce McFarlane & Janice Heard • Gary McKenzie & Nancy McGuiness • Leslie & Roger McMechan • Bruce & Janis Morrison • Al Nord • Paul & Jo Anne Partlo • Peggy Perry • Roger Pilkington & Joanne Steinmenn • Quentin Pittman & Jody Wood • Marilyn & Dale Potts • Renee Reichelt • Vishal Saini • Don Smith • Robin Terentiuk • William & Colleen Tobman

$500 – $999
Anonymous • Maryann & Jim Ayim • Ted Busheikin & Catherine Ford • Faye Cohen • Philip Cohen • Bill & Jacqueline Dawson • Donna Driedger • Dale Ens • Irene Ens • Darcy Evans • Marilyn Evans • Karen Fozard • Glen & Nancy Charitable Gift Fund • Jason Innes & Jennifer Willans • Ted Jablonski & Monique Courcelles • Edward Kaminishi • Chris Kowalski & Lisa Squance • Joanne Mcphee • Nexen Energy on behalf of Joan Voytechek • Thomas & Bernadette Raedler • Grant Reddick • Richard Kennedy Professional Corporation • Valerie Silbernagel • Sun Life Financial • The Estate of Joan Weiser • Ann Tyrell

$200 – $499
Anonymous • Jock Abra • Baher Family Fund at the Calgary Foundation • Karen Bartsch • Joy & Jim Bews • Tanya Bilotta • Susan Blomfield • Janet Brigden • Vincent Chahley & Patricia Irwin • Sheilagh Cook • Pamela Downey • Stan Drabek • Jean Driver • Doris Gourley • Terry & Virginia Grinevitch • Greg & Jacquie Halpen • Catherine Heaton • John & Nancy Henderson • Yvonne Hinks • Sandra & Jurgen Hoenle • Dolly Houtzager • Gavin Jones • Marc & Kristie Kneppers • Joanne Kutchyera • Joan Lawrence • Linda Lesoway • Sal & Elizabeth LoVecchio • Jean MacNaughton • Lisa Madsen • Liz McGregor • Christopher Miller • Darlene Montgomery • Cathy Phillips • Harry Rankin • Lorraine & Tom Rosenal • Marjorie Roxburgh • Richard Stothard • Douglas & Laurie Strother • Nancy Tice • United Way Donor Choice Program • David & Dianne Varga • Brian & Kim Watt • Darlene Wierzba • Everett Wylie

$20 – $199
Anonymous • Larry Adorjan • Carla Anderson • Marise Auffray • Kym Binns • Robert Black & Joanne Pritchard • Ann Blackmore • Sandra Broen-Dupuis• Harlene Brown • Kathyrn Carry • Patricia Cavill • Sheila Clarke • George & Lynn Collin • Douglas & Barbara Collister • Carol-Ann Cox • Ron & Pat Cradock • Sara Cross Moulton • Alice Cush • Davis & Henderson Limited Trust Fund • Margaret & David Easton • Brian & Lorraine Eger • Sandra Ens • James Erhart • Rona Fluney • Dan Frederick • Bob & Carol Gerein • Lawrence Gerritsen • Phyllis Gillanders • Lori Gonis • Jeanne Gonnason • Dianne Goodman • Patricia Gordon • Lawrence & Mary Gregoret • Carolyn & William Hammett • Ken Havard • Judy Hellevang • Karel Hofman • Patricia Hogan • John & Barbara Howarth • Linda Hoy • In Honour of Darcy Evans • In memory of Cara Lee Leslie • Caroline Jansonius & Eric Tilbrook • Victor & Lise Januszewski • Don Jones • Adrienne & Jon Kertzer • Jeremy Koshan • Pat Kover • Claire Kramer • Susan Kuhn • Margaret Kuyt • Pamela Lampkin • Patricia Lee • Linda LeGeyt • Sharon & George Lensen • Nelson & Sandra Lord • Gwen Loveless • Jonathan & Laura Lytton • Sean MacDonald • Terry Mackenzie & Kenneth Peach • Glenda Magallon • Greta Martin • Sarah Mathison & Brian Fast • Martin Matkovic • Rosa McDonald • Catherine McKercher • Donna McTaggart • Stephen Meadows • Elizabeth Meads • Stephanie  Mendoza • Linda Michel • Susan Montgomery • Gwen Moriarty • Erin Noble • Godfrey & Diane Nowlan • Margie Oakander • Marilyn Olynek • John & Dianne O’Rourke • P. Leckie Professional Corp • Blair & June Pardy • Alan & Elke Parry • Michael & Margaret Perlette • Steven & Debra Perron • Vicky Pickersgill • Trudy Pierpoint • Kate Reeves • Diane Rennie • Bev Rigel • Kodie Rollan • Elaine Rude • Doreen Sandercock • Deborah Sanderson • Andrew Scanlon • Bernice Scanlon • Tamara Seiler • Courtney Sharma • Dawn Siemens • Jason Speer • Joyce Stretch • Vicki Stroich • Kara Sturk • Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada • Detlef & Betty Thies • David & Maureen Thomas • Barbara Todd • Sharon Todd • Helene Tonnisen • Julia Trangeled • Dale Turri • Douglas & Marilyn Warne • Helen Webster • John & Tiffany Whitnack • Karen Williams

Legacy Gifts
Barbara Peddlesden
Jo-Ann DeRepentigny
In memory of Naomi Migas
Kevin Peterson
Martha Cohen
Richard Barr