Words on the ATP Student Writers Group 

By Hannah Caparino 

Every idea presents itself with an opportunity to create a new world that is significant. Significant in the sense that the stories we create are unique and become a reflection of our own experiences as creators and artists. 

As a growing artist myself it is important to recognize the various ways to expand our own boundaries in how we wish to pursue art. Programs like the ATP Student Writers Group are great ways to build on the literary and creative skills I and many others have learnt throughout the years.  

One of the most vital elements for both writers and artists alike is to work with others. Collaboration and community is key, as growing as an artist is tied closely with growing as an individual. In this phase of developing as both an artist and human, forming relationships based on trust with close friends or collaborators can help in the inspiration and creation of a piece as they become your confidant, editor, actor, and many more.  

The ATP Student Writers Group is a great way to network and become exposed to a community that is filled with support as the program introduces students to mentors who are willing to help young artists turn their ideas into a reality; a most prominent example being the 10-15 min plays that are written and developed by each student to later be performed.  

The program has allowed me to explore different ways to use my own experience as an individual and turn it into a full-fledged story that I can be proud of. Although I am still in the process of editing and fine-tuning my work I know that I have access to mentors and collaborators to support me in the times I might struggle during the writing process, which personally I never had before joining the program. The classes themselves have helped in my understanding of how to develop stories that feel authentic to my own character, as well as provide a safe space to develop a myriad of stories through the implementation of various techniques that were previously taught. Overall, the program itself is an opportunity to open doors that I previously thought were closed and  believed were never going to be opened. It gave me hope that I can pursue a creative path despite the common rhetoric that surrounds pursuing anything in the arts, and for that resurgence in hope, I am grateful for what this program has and will offer me in the near future. For those who might read this, I implore you to be bold and take a shot at anything and everything, as you can discover a new path that you never thought were possible. 

 –Hannah Caparino, playwright in the 2022 ATP Student Writers Group

For more information on the ATP Student Writers Group, visit us HERE, or contact Youth Engagement & Artist Liaison, Vicki Trask at vtrask@atplive.com.