New Play Development

Alberta Theatre Projects is a national leader in the development and production of new Canadian plays – it is at the heart of what we do, and vital to the role we’ve played in Canada’s artistic community for over 45 years.

ATP nurtures playwrights and theatre makers both locally and nationally by creating models for making new work that are shaped by the needs of the project and its creators. Our processes are adaptable, flexible, inventive, and playful, embracing new voices and forms. The plays on our stage include a wide range of stories and perspectives – they build bridges for emerging voices in Canadian theatre and reflect our community in all of its diversity.


We commission, develop and premiere new plays every season. We offer mentorship and camaraderie in our ATP Playwrights Unit, and foster new voices through FRESH PRINTS Student Writers Group and Raucous Caucus for Emerging Artists. We welcome you to participate in our new play development activities through Job Shadowing and Apprenticeships.


We encourage all playwrights and theatre creators to reach out to us at ATP.

We prefer not to receive unsolicited scripts as we are unable to read them in a timely manner and cannot offer feedback. Instead, please introduce yourself and let us know what you are working on, or invite us to a reading or production of your play.

ATP’s Artistic Team actively seeks to connect with artists and frequently attends performances, workshops and industry events.


ATP defines new work as scripts and/or creation projects that have not yet been professionally or fully produced. They offer a new story, a new storytelling style and/or a new theatrical experience for our audience. We focus our resources on projects we are keenly interested in for world premiere production, striving for depth and commitment in our support for the development of new work. You can visit our History & Archives page to learn more about the world premiere productions that have launched at ATP.


Led by curiosity, craft, and a collaborative spirit, dramaturgs help new plays grow. They work closely with playwrights and theatre creators to support the development of their projects by providing feedback at every stage of the script, leading development workshops, and connecting artists around new creation.

“Dramaturgs contextualize the world of a play; establish connections among the text, actors, and audience; offer opportunities for playwrights; generate projects and programs; and create conversations about plays in their communities.” – LMDA

For more resources about dramaturgy please visit the website for the Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas (LMDA)