The Darcy Evans Legacy Fund

My name is Vishal Saini, and I am writing you today in celebration of my friend and colleague, Darcy Evans. Last week, Alberta Theatre Projects’ Executive and Artistic Director sadly lost his months-long battle with cancer.

Darcy joined Alberta Theatre Projects in 2018 and brought an immense passion and more than 20 years of experience as an actor, director, and administrator in the theatre community. His passion drove him to accomplish so much with the company.

In the face of his ongoing personal challenge, Darcy continued to come to work every day and fight for the company he cared so deeply about. His legacy will run deep within the Alberta Theatre Projects family, the Calgary community, and the national theatre landscape.

Darcy often told me that he had great confidence in the future of Alberta Theatre Projects and knew that exciting days lay ahead. His mission of creating a world-class contemporary theatre turned into reality and it is now our responsibility to ensure his legacy continues.

In honour of Darcy, we are proud to announce the establishment of the Darcy Evans Legacy Fund, which will provide support and develop opportunities for future theatre artists and administrators, inclusive of all disciplines, from page to stage of play development.

Kicking off this initiative within only a few days following the tragic news of Darcy’s passing, donations have been committed to begin this fund. We have already received an extremely generous offer to match the first $20,000 of donations received on Giving Tuesday towards this initiative. We believe in building this fund to continue Darcy’s legacy, and we hope you will join us in continuing to make Darcy’s vision a reality.

To be part of this amazing journey and to honour the legacy of Darcy, we invite you to make a donation to the Darcy Evans Legacy FundAll donations made on Giving Tuesday will be put towards this fund. The opportunity to donate directly to this fund will remain open after Giving Tuesday as well. This is your opportunity to be a part of the future of theatre right here in Calgary.

Vishal Saini
Board President
Alberta Theatre Projects

If you would like to make a donation to the Darcy Evans Legacy Fund, please call our Ticket Office at 403-294-7402.

Darcy’s passion was boundless. On behalf of his entire family, I am so thrilled that this Legacy Fund will enable Darcy’s vision, spirit and hard work to live on, and help ensure that Alberta Theatre Projects remains a vital, exciting, world-class arts organization. Thank you to everyone who has helped spearhead this initiative, and to those who contribute to it in his name. We can think of no more fitting way to honour Darcy’s memory.

Andrew Scanlon, Darcy’s partner

Darcy Evans Legacy Fund Donors

UPDATE: Thanks to the incredible support and generosity of this community, we were able to raise $55,116 on Giving Tuesday for the Darcy Evans Legacy Fund. Donations came in from across the country from so many friends, colleagues and audience members whose lives have been touched by Darcy.

From the bottom of our hearts – thank you for being such a huge part of carrying on his legacy.

A friend of Darcy’s • Aaron Hiscock • Abhay Sisodiya • Alec Cooper • Alex MacWilliam • Alison Smoole • Amanda Leigh • Andrew Brouwer & Matthew McLellan • Andrew & Mavis Holder • Andrew MacDonald-Smith • Anne J. Brown • Anne Keery • Anne Keery • Anonymous (22 individual donations) • Arlette Watwood • Ashley Black • Ashly Streeton • Mrs. Barb Mitchell • Barbara Cichon • Bernadette & Thomas Raedler • Bernice and  Allan Scanlon • Beverley Smith • Beverly & Chris • Blair Irwin • Brenda Kelly • Brian & Alisse Goldenberg • Brian Mills and Susan Tyrrell • C Gieser • Cara Pantalone • Carrie Thiel • Carson, Jerry & Michelle Schmidt • Mr. Chad Neufeld • Charlotte Moore • Chett & Jasmine • Chris Knobel • Christine O’Reilly • Colleen & Norm Dickson • Corey Hallisey • Courtney Sharma • D & W Livingstone • Ms. Danielle Buckley • Dara Roth Edney • Darcy and Eli Cut Footloose • David & Carol Lunn • David & Roberta • DB Bonds • DCL Wonder 24 Cast for Darcy and Andrew • Deb Harvey • Deirdre Halferty • Derrick Chua • Dianne & Dave Varga • Dianne Goodman • Mrs. Elizabeth Varsek • Emmy Frank Levine • Eric Rutherford • Erica Peck • Ms. Evelyn Russell • Foster Stewart • Friend • Friend of Darcy Evans…Experience Canada 92 • From Canada 125 family • Gail Hakala • Godfrey and Diane Nowlan • Grant Tilly • Greg Thiessen • Ms. Gwen Loveless • Haley Family • Heather A. Campbell • Helen King & Ron Rusk • Hilary McInnis-Enns • In Honour of Darcy Evans • In loving memory of Darcy Evans from his Experience Canada 125 family (40 individual donations) • Irene Carrington • J & J Brigden • J. Harrison Ghee • J. Sean Elliott • Jackie Pyke • Jacob Wolstencroft • Jaimee & Cory Larson • Jan, Fred, Madelaine & Will • Ms. Jane Forsyth • Jane Gooderham & Laura Condlln • Jane Perry • Janet and Rob McLellan • Jean Driver • Jen & Brent Thiessen • Jenn Forgie • Jess Rapp • Jim Scott • Joan Voytechek • Jodi Lucas • John & Faye • John Humphrey and Laura McLeod • Jonathan Randall • Jordan Merkur • Jory Rossiter • Joyce • Judie Kavanagh • Julie Tomaino • Justin Stadnyk & Lori Watson • Justin Walford • K. Eberle • Kale Penny • Ms. Karen Almadi • Karen and Bill Towsley • Karen Robinson • Karen Trainoff • Kathryn and Hal Kerbes • Kathy and Garry Merkel • Kelly Bernakevitch • Khristine Aberin Angulo • Kira Guloien • Kristen Dion • Kristie Kanary (Yukon) • Kyla Stott-Jess • Kyle Blair & Kyle Golemba • LakeHuronSunset • Lanie Treen • Linda Goddard • Linda LeGeyt • Lisa and Filip Gigic • Liz Scanlon • Lorraine Eger • Louise Day • Lynda MacNeill • Lynn and Craig Connell • M. McClurg • Madhu Saini • Marilyn & Dale Potts • Marilyn Evans • Mark Allan, Ryan Brown, Laura Caswell & Ellen Denny • Megan Warne • Merle Garbe • Neal Halstead • Nigel Shawn Williams • Nisha Midha • Nora McLellan • Ms. Pat Kover • Pat Rundell • Pat Tarr • Ms. Patricia Hogan • Patti Neice • Peggy and Rob Smart • Peggy Walden • Peter Feldstein • Phillip Hughes • Quentin Pittman & Jody Wood • Racheal McCaig • Rae Bernakevitch • Renee Reichelt • Richard & Susan Sawka • Robin • Rohn & Kelsey Meyer • Ron & Marilyn Colombo • Rosemary Nation • Ryan Garson • Sal and Liz LoVecchio • Sandy and Bruce Dupuis • Mr. Shawn Lall • Shelly Schwieder • Sierra Yanush • Stephan Dickson • Stephanie Gorin Casting & Joe Bostick • Stephanie Graham & Robert Torr • Stephanie Roth & Kraig Waye • Stephanie West • Suniel Puri • Susan Kuhn • Susan Serrao • Susan Tyrrell • Tamara Weisz • Terry MacKenzie & Kenneth Peach • The Bracko Family • The Buckendorf Family • The Makar Family • The Pessione Hay Family • Theresa Munch • Thom Eldridge • Tracy Michailidis • Trudy Pierpoint • Valerie & Gary Silbernagel • Vanessa Sears • Vicki & Kevin Hall • Vicki Stroich • Vishal Saini • Wendy and Tom Brownlee • Wendy Sudchak & Family • West Grove Ladies • With love from The Wallace Family • Zachary Moull