If I won, I would…

What if you won our Extraordinary Experiences Raffle? Which trip would you choose? Napa Valley, New Orleans or Nashville? Who would you take with you? Which sites would you be sure to take in? A few of us at Alberta Theatre Projects have been pondering those very questions. And as the raffle draw date fast approaches – you might want to start dreaming too!

Which trip would you choose and why?

SARAH STEPHENS, DEVELOPMENT MANAGER: The New Orleans one, because I think the weather and music would best suit me, plus my n’Orleans accent game is on point.

CARSON SCHMIDT, D. MICHAEL DOBBIN APPRENTICE: I think I would go to New Orleans. It’s just such a vibrant place and I’m a big fan of weird cities, so naturally I’d love to visit New Orleans before it sinks into the gulf… 

DIANNE GOODMAN, PRODUCER: The Napa Valley Experience. Sun. Wine. Cheese. Spa. ‘Nuff said! After these weeks (or months) of staying indoors, physical distancing and watching the snow fly well into April, the thought of being in a tranquil and beautiful setting with loved ones is what dreams are made of.

MANISHA DANGOL, TICKET OFFICE COORDINATOR: I would choose, Nashville-Opryland Experience. Firstly Nashville sounds fancy to me and the whole package sound like too much fun.

KYLE RUSSELL, GENERAL MANAGER: Nashville has been on my bucket list for a few years now, and I’ve always wanted to go. I bought my ticket a few weeks ago and was talking with Carol (Dann, raffle ticket seller extraordinaire) about the trip and what I’d like to do. I love country music, country bars, and having a good time, plus I used to work with the Grand Ole Opry team in a previous role I had with a ticketing company, and I’d love to see them.

GREG MONFORTON, TECHNICAL DIRECTOR: “America has only three cities: New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans. Everywhere else is Cleveland.” ― Tennessee Williams
I’ve been to New York and San Francisco, so New Orleans is next!

If you could take a character from the 2019-20 season with you, who would you take and why?

SARAH: I would take Santa from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe AS Santa from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, because he was a laugh riot.

CARSON: I think I’d take Amber Cohen from Actually. If she was unavailable I think Tiger from The Wedding Party would have a blast going somewhere other than Okotoks, and that alone would make it interesting.

DIANNE: Jory (played by Samantha Walkes) from Disgraced – whip smart, fierce, observant – she would provide great conversation and perhaps even an invigorating debate or two!
But in actuality, I would bring my beautiful daughter on this trip. After years of her living in Toronto and only seeing her once or twice a year, it would be so great for us to spend time together in this idyllic setting. This would be her belated celebration of her receiving her Master’s Degree and starting a new career path. Plus, she’s a heckuva lot of fun!

MANISHA: I would choose the character of Maddy (the mother of bride) from The Wedding Party. The madness she has shown in the play in hilariously funny and I have seen one of those types in my life and when I grow old, I think I would be like her too.

KYLE: I’d take the White Witch from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe because I know she wouldn’t take any guff from anyone we ran into when visiting a honky tonk bar.

GREG: My choice of character companion is easy.  From The Wedding Party: Tony’s son Tiger, Margaret’s father Edward, and Kevin the videographer. All played by Josie Jones. Edward’s scooter would be lost in a bayou and Kevin’s camera would be eaten by an alligator. I’d be arrested (and released) for getting Tiger drunk on his 18th birthday.

What photo/selfie would you be sure to try and get?

SARAH: Selfie, nah – probably just snap some photos of the architecture because I love that colonial/renaissance style.

CARSON: Our trip photo would be a cheesy shot of us in one of those wooden cutouts that you stick your face in, ideally one with a crocodile eating someone. I’d be the human.

DIANNE: Family photo. It would be my dream to have the rest of our immediate family join us for a holiday together, which we have not ever had. And my great friend Pam, who was head of the ATP wardrobe in the 80’s, lives in the Bay area, so would be wonderful to see her and her family as well.

MANISHA: I have a dream to go to Paris someday and if I make it one day, I will make sure to take a selfie in front Eiffel Tower (making sure to cover the full length of Tower).

KYLE: Definitely a photo at the Grand Ole Opry – whether that’s on a backstage tour (which I’ve heard is a lifetime highlight) or at a performance.

GREG: I’m excited that Preservation Hall is part of the package, and I’d definitely get a photo of me, Tiger, Edward, and Kevin there (not sure how… have to think about that).

What souvenir would you find and bring home?

SARAH: I would likely bring home a suitcase of Zapp’s brand chips. Because…chips.

CARSON: I’d fly home with a fresh lobster for my parents and a suitcase full of Mardi Gras bead necklaces, which I’d give to every friend I see for the next year.

DIANNE: That’s an easy one – cherished memories!

MANISHA: To keep it simple, mini Eiffle Tower itself.

KYLE: An autograph of whoever was performing that night at the Opry.

Bonus Questions: You got into trouble/were arrested on your vacation – what were you doing?

SARAH: What would I get in trouble/be arrested for on my vacation? TOO good of a dancer, probably set a dance floor on fire with my feet.

CARSON: I think I’d get arrested for trying to smuggle a crocodile home.

MANISHA: This is interesting. I don’t think I am adventurous enough to do this kind of thing. But also, if I were arrested I would try to run (haha!).

GREG: I’d be arrested (and released) for getting Tiger drunk on his 18th birthday.

Extraordinary Experiences Raffle tickets are still available for purchase! Call us at 403-294-7402 to get your tickets. But act fast – the draw date is May 4. For prize information, rules and regulations, visit us HERE.