The F Word

Co-created and performed by Keshia Cheesman & Bianca Miranda
Directed by Donna-Michelle St. Bernard
A World Premiere presented by Alberta Theatre Projects
A Downstage production
In association with Handsome Alice & Theatre Calgary

February 9 – 19, 2023


FAT. How does that word make you feel? Society tells us to deflect, avoid and distance ourselves from FAT. We’re in the midst of a revolution to unearth the deeply ingrained shame, blame and fear associated with fatness. Fairytales, lectures, dance, and song are infused with wild whimsy in The F Word. Creator-performers Keshia Cheesman and Bianca Miranda explore their friendship as two fat women on a journey to self-acceptance and fat liberation. They confront fatphobia, diet culture, and the intersection of fatness with race in this powerful, playfully political pop-art piece.

We are standing in the power of FAT. Go, grow, glow. Take up space.

Audience Considerations: Suggested for ages 15+

New size-accessible seating available! Certain seats in the theatre offer additional size and weight capacity. Chairs marked with an “s” on the seating map within the purchase path have a weight capacity of 500lbs, in addition to not having arm-rests. If these chairs better suit your needs, please select any seat with an “s” on it”.