SWG Zoom Presentation Tips

  • You can tune in using the free Zoom app, or your web browser. If you already have the app, please do an update. The latest version is 5.6.4
  • Please log in to the meeting early. You will enter the waiting room and we will let you in around 7:15pm
  • Closed captioning will be available
  • Tech help is available via the chat box throughout the show

Zoom Tips for During the Presentation:

Zoom Tip #1

Use the chat! Say hello when you arrive, and share your reactions during the performance!

In this virtual environment we welcome your digital applause in the chat feature.

At the bottom of your zoom window, open up the chat feature.

Adjust the “To” drop down menu to “All panelists and attendees” so that all the artists and audience members can see your comments and reactions.

Zoom Tip #2

We have live support for you!

Simply put your question into the chat and our Zoom tech will do their best to assist.

Zoom Tip #3

Sound check!

You should be hearing music during the pre-show slideshow. If you aren’t, check your volume, headphones, or ask for help in the chat box and our Zoom tech will do their best to assist.

Zoom Tip #4

Closed captioning is available!

To view captions, click on the CC Live Transcript button at the bottom of your zoom window and choose how you’d like to view them.

You can Hide Subtitles at any time if you prefer not to see them throughout the show.

Zoom Tip #5

If you are on a mobile device or tablet, tap the …More button to turn off the closed captions.

Select Minimize Webinar, uncheck “Show Closed Captioning(when available)”