2022-23 Season

We are thrilled to be announcing our 2022-23 Season!

The 2022-23 season reflects Alberta Theatre Projects’ vision of being the creators, curators and presenters of diverse and resonate stories, told by many unique voices, that promise to provoke as much as they entertain. It reflects not only where we’ve been, but what audiences can expect in the years to come!

The upcoming season of five plays includes three World Premieres, an International play never before produced in Calgary, and a Governor-General Award-nominated script performed for the first time in Alberta.

Our 2022-23 Season of Shows

Cowgirl Up

Written by Anna Chatterton, co-created with Meg Braem and Christine Brubaker
Directed by Christine Brubaker


October 18 – 30, 2022

Joyce, Effie and BB are cowgirl goddesses on Mount Olympus who lament that the heroines of rodeos past are all but forgotten. It’s a cowboy’s world. Cocky steer-ropers have stolen the spotlight down on earth for long enough. The goddesses decide to use their considerable supernatural powers to give rise to a cowgirl revolution. When they discover Cassidy Clarkson, a talented, charismatic loner from Claresholm, they know they have found the barrel racer poised to lead their cause. The three goddesses appear to her one day, offering her all the gifts she will need to earn her first buckle at a major rodeo competition. We follow Cassidy atop her trusty mare, Starbright, as she rises to the top of the circuit, throwing back shots of Jack Daniels and two-stepping along the way. Cassidy wrestles with her newfound fame, and just how far she will push herself and Starbright in pursuit of their dream.

Anna Chatterton’s Cowgirl Up is a magical, thought-provoking, irreverent new work that takes on rodeo culture from a whole new perspective.

Audience Considerations: Suggested for ages 12+

The Jungle Book

Adapted and Directed by Rohit Chokhani  
Based on the books of Rudyard Kipling  

November 29 – December 31, 2022
Family Holiday Show


This holiday season, escape into the jungles of India with this vibrant reimagining of the legend of the boy raised by wild animals. Mowgli lives by the law of the jungle, where survival depends not only on strength and courage but on wisdom and reliance on the wolf pack for survival. When a confrontation with a dangerous tiger isolates Mowgli, he is forced to confront the truth: is he a man-cub or a human? Caught between two worlds, with the support of his friends, Mowgli must search for his sense of self in a quest to discover where he truly belongs. Experience this timeless fable where a cast of familiar characters come to life through puppetry, stylized props, masks and movement. People of all ages will delight in this colourful and dynamic adventure that explores the true meaning of family.

Exploring themes of courage, identity, and seeking to understand our place in the world – The Jungle Book’s coming-of-age story is as relevant today as it was when the stories were originally written.

Audience Considerations: Suggested for ages 6+

The F Word

Co-created and performed by Keshia Cheesman & Bianca Miranda
Directed by Donna-Michelle St. Bernard
Presented by Alberta Theatre Projects
A Downstage production in association with Handsome Alice & Theatre Calgary

February 9 – 19, 2023


FAT. How does that word make you feel? Society tells us to deflect, avoid and distance ourselves from FAT. We’re in the midst of a revolution to unearth the deeply ingrained shame, blame and fear associated with fatness. Fairytales, lectures, dance, and song are infused with wild whimsy in The F Word. Creator-performers Keshia Cheesman and Bianca Miranda explore their friendship as two fat women on a journey to self-acceptance and fat liberation. They confront fatphobia, diet culture, and the intersection of fatness with race in this powerful, playfully political pop-art piece.

We are standing in the power of FAT. Go, grow, glow. Take up space.

Audience Considerations: Suggested for ages 15+

Bombay Black

Written by Anosh Irani
Directed by Alison Wong

March 7 – March 19, 2023


Why would a blind man visit an exotic dancer? Set in present-day India, Bombay Black is a powerful love story of vengeance, betrayal, and seduction. Apsara resides in Bombay with her mother Padma, making a living by selling erotic dances to wealthy men. When Kamal, a blind man, arrives for an appointment, the lives of Apsara and her embittered mother are altered as their complex and brutal past rises to the surface. Mythic, brave and featuring a remarkable poetic text, bold theatrical imagery and contemporary Bombay bar dancing, Bombay Black is a thought-provoking work by one of Canada’s leading playwriting voices.

Funny, violent, and humane, this Governor General Award nominated script by award-winning playwright Anosh Irani brings together magical fables and the gritty reality of street life.

Audience Consideration: Suggested for 18+

Please note that this production has graphic depictions of raw content that is sexual or violent in nature. It also has heightened lighting, visuals, loud sounds and complete dark outs during certain portions of the play. Viewer discretion is advised.

Teenage Dick

Written by Mike Lew
Directed by Jenna Rodgers

In association with the Shakespeare Company and Hit & Myth Productions

April 18 – 30, 2023


The high-stakes tragedy and political drama of Shakespeare’s Richard III are transported to the hallways of a contemporary high school in this darkly comedic adaptation. Taunted with the nickname “Dick” and bullied because of his disability, Richard, the play’s brilliant, charismatic anti-hero, is determined to have his revenge, and plots a ruthless path to power in a dramatic student council election. Aided by his quick-witted best friend Buck, he seeks to overthrow the bullish star quarterback Eddie to become student council president while charming the most popular girl in school into being his girlfriend. But as he falls deeper into a pattern of manipulation and greed, Richard is faced with an unexpected choice: Is it better to be feared or loved?

“Teenage Dick sinks a cunning, shining dagger into an author who’s buried in centuries of history and glory.” –Time Out London

Audience Consideration: 12+