D. Michael Dobbin Apprenticeship Program

Applications for the D. Michael Dobbin Apprenticeship are closed at this time. Stay tuned for future opportunities!

Interested in a career in theatre? We’ve got the perfect program for you! Our D. Michael Dobbin Apprentice (DMDA) Program is designed to give a newly graduated Grade 12 student the most immersive interdisciplinary experience in professional theatre in Calgary. Apprentices gain knowledge and a network of peers to help take them to the next level in their theatre education.

This is a paid apprenticeship for high school student graduating from grade 12 this year. The apprentice will be employed as full time ATP staff from August through April – including a modest bi-weekly honorarium. Other perks include tickets to each show in our season, their photo featured in our playbills, free monthly transit passes, and a $1000 bursary given at the completion of the term. They will also be given the opportunity to work as ushers and/or bartenders for extra pay.

The successful candidate will be provided the opportunity to apply, improve and develop new skills through a series of enhanced practical and job shadowing experiences in the administrative, artistic and production departments at ATP.

Apprentices can expect to work in the following areas:

Stage Management • Marketing & Communications • Resource Development • Play Development
Youth Engagement • Production • Prop Construction • Design • Wardrobe • Technical Theatre   


Participants are selected by the Youth Engagement & Artist Liaison on the basis of their submitted material and personal interview. ATP is seeking competent, curious, and committed young artists who show distinct potential with in the professional theatre industry.

Applicants will be notified of their candidacy and scheduled for an interview. Interviews for the 2021-22 D. Michael Dobbin Apprenticeship are currently suspended but more information about upcoming opportunities will be made available as they present themselves.


This program is for graduating high school students. Participant must be graduating high school at the end of the 2019/20 school year. Participants are selected on the basis of competency, demonstrated interest, and assessed potential in professional theatre.

Program Dates: September – May

How to Apply

Submit the application form and following supporting documents:

  • A copy of your official high school transcript
  • A current resume
  • A cover letter describing your expectations of the DMDA Program and why you want to be involved
  • Two letters of reference – one from a drama instructor and one of your choice
  • A letter from a parent or guardian that explains how the student will be supported during the DMDA Program

Application forms and supporting materials can be sent to:

Vicki Trask
Alberta Theatre Projects
220 9 Ave SE, T2G5C4
Calgary AB

Fax: 403-294-7493

Email: vtrask@atplive.com (Please attach all documents as one PDF)

Hear what former apprentices have to say about the program!

Carson Schmidt

“This is a gap year program that will set you years ahead of the pack, and I can’t recommend it enough. I applied to the DMDA program because I knew that I was going into professional theatre after high school, but I was so overwhelmed by choice that I needed a year to digest it all. It’s like being an exchange student in the country of Professional Theatre, where you get raw insight into the life of a theatre maker to experience all the good and bad parts before committing your time and money to it. Everybody drastically switches their focus in the first year of university anyways, so why not do it before even getting there? You’ll probably find out you hate something you thought you loved, and love something you thought you weren’t good enough for. I know I did. ATP treats you like a real, valuable member of their team every day and my coworkers were some of the best that I ever worked with. On top of that, the hands-on experience and connections you make are priceless. Every person who finishes the program says they’re super inspired and confident, and yeah, same here. So please, do yourself a favour and apply!

-Carson Schmidt, 2019-2020 D. Michael Dobbin Apprentice

Sophia Cossentine

“My undeveloped but creative career search has blossomed and grown in so many ways, rooted by the incredible D. Michael Dobbin Apprenticeship program at Alberta Theatre Projects. The experiences that I have been blessed to be a part of at ATP have changed me not only as an artist, but as an individual. The long hours of continuous work, preparation and communication have proved to me just how much effort and love is put into a single theatre production. This apprenticeship has opened my eyes more than ever considering I was able to work alongside talented and kind mentors who are working as successful industry professionals. I give my beyond thanks to the artistic leaders who create educational and moving programs for youth such as the DMD Apprenticeship because it ensures the progression and sustainability of the arts. By accepting all this opportunity has had to offer, I have discovered my strengths and weaknesses, while building and discovering new skills. With this program, I was able to make life long connections and explore every aspect of theatre I dreamt of exploring. My new found knowledge and the experience I have gained has with no doubt, guided me into a career I will love and excel at. I am so grateful for the supportive community at ATP and I will take every detail and word of advice that I have absorbed here, onto my future endeavours.”

-Sophia Cossentine, 2018-2019 D. Michael Dobbin Apprentice

Sydney Hunt

“Alberta Theatre Projects has very generously given me a full seasons worth of training and mentorship through the D. Michael Dobbin Apprentice Program. I have worked to develop relationships with theatre legends and emerging artists alike, all the while discovering what being an artist means to me. I have been given endless opportunities to learn new skills and been shown how to effectively apply my existing talents in the works place. More than anything, this year has given me the confidence to pursue my passions, and has shown me that it is entirely feasible to create a future and life for myself in the arts. For that, and so much more I am incredibly grateful for ATP.”

-Sydney Hunt, 2017-2018 D. Michael Dobbin Apprentice

Lauren Marshall

“I wouldn’t have wanted to spend the past year any other way. ATP has provided me with so much new knowledge about professional theatre, introduced me to so many inspiring people, and filled my days with eye-opening new experiences. I came into this program hoping to gain a greater understanding of everything to do with theatre, and that was definitely accomplished. There is now no doubt in my mind that this is the world that I want to continue to be involved in, and I can’t wait for the next chapter in this exciting journey. Thank you ATP for truly changing my life.”

– Lauren Marshall, 2016-2017 D. Michael Dobbin Apprentice

Robbie Savage Herington

“I came to Alberta Theatre Projects to develop my understanding of and passion for theatre. I came in expecting to find the path I wanted to go down in the world of theatre & performing arts. The complete opposite has happened. I’ve realised there are many more paths that exist in theatre than I ever could have imagined, and that having a straight path to where you want to be is far from necessary. The skills I have learned this past year are priceless. I will take these valuable experiences with me to post-secondary and beyond. Thank you ATP!”

– Robbie Savage Herington, 2016-2017 D. Michael Dobbin Apprentice

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