Word Play

Wordfest and Alberta Theatre Projects come together to celebrate the work of the Alberta Theatre Projects Playwrights Unit!

Word Play takes you behind the scenes in the making of a new Canadian play. Join us for a stage reading of excerpts from four new scripts in development by members of Alberta Theatre Projects’ Playwrights Unit. Plus enjoy a post-show conversation with the playwrights moderated by local playwright and ATP Playwrights Unit Director Meg Braem.

Fri, 20 April 2018 7:00 PM
Memorial Park Library, 2nd Floor
1221 2nd Street SW
Calgary, Alberta T2R 0W5

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Word Play will feature:

Cowgirl Up! by Anna Chatterton (Hamilton)

Cowgirl Up is inspired by the women of the Canadian Girls Rodeo Association and the driven cowgirls of Alberta and beyond. Playwright Anna Chatterton has been incredibly moved by the courageous, crusty, generous and determined cowgirls she both met at various rodeos and learned about in her research.  Cowgirl Up is an ode to cowgirls past and present who live to ride.  The play follows Skyler and her horse Starbright as they triumph in barrel racing at the Canadian Finals Rodeo, qualifying to compete in the Calgary Stampede. When celebratory drinks take Skyler off track, a trio of seasoned cowgirls appear to coach her to stardom. Skyler faces the biggest decision of her life and they all have an opinion, including Starbright who waxes poetic as only a horse can.

WROL (Without Rule of Law) by Michaela Jeffery (Calgary)

In the garage of her suburban duplex, twelve-year-old Josephine makes apocalypse preparedness videos and posts them to YouTube. Vic takes Jujitsu. Maureen encrypts her text messages and hordes matches – because lighters fail. Sarah stuffs her knapsack with extra socks, granola, water filtration tablets and Tolkien novels, because “you don’t know where you’re going to be… when it happens… you might not be at school.”

Convinced the world at large can’t be trusted to prioritize the well-being of adolescent girls, Pathfinders Regional Division 0120 defects from the Girl Guides of Canada to form a splinter cell of 8th grade ‘doomers’ – committed to preparing for survival in the post -collapse society they anticipate inheriting.

Judy Blume meets Rambo, WROL is a humorous, eerie, cry of outrage at the complacency and injustice of a civilization so comfortable handing its girl-children hostess badges instead of ammunition.

Un-Dressed by Louise Casemore

Winner of the Enbridge Playwrights Award for an Emerging Artist, Louise explores women’s relationships to their wedding dresses before and after marriage

The Odd Women of Sunalta by David van Belle & Kris Demeanor

For more than 30 years Shirley’s presided over the Saturday afternoon open mic at Harry’s Juke Joint.  She’s unquestionably queen of all she surveys, but lives in an odd bubble of glories now long gone, an illusion preserved by the collection of misfits that surround her, including her equally addled band mates.  When a group of businessmen from away threaten the bar with destruction, will Shirley and her friends be able to summon enough reality to stop them?  A dangerously unrealistic, irresponsibly naïve new musical about defeating the evils of the world through one day of hard work, written by David van Belle and Kris Demeanor.

Our Fathers, Sons, Lovers, and Little Brothers by Makambe K. Simamba

February 26, 2012. Florida. A 17 year old boy wearing a dark hoodie heads home from a 7/11. Headphones in his ear, he walks, carrying a bag of Skittles and a can of iced tea. He is shot dead. Our Fathers, Sons, Lovers and Little Brothers invites us to relive his last moments, and witness the intricate dance to the afterlife of a black teen whose infamous story birthed a movement.

Word Play features performances by some of Calgary’s favourite actors including: Makambe K. Simamba, Ellen Close, Braden Griffiths, Michael Tan, Ayla Stephen, Anna Cummer, Kira Bradley, Sarah Wheeldon and Louise Casemore with direction and dramaturgy by Valerie Planche and Laurel Green.

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