Playwrights Projects 2020

Alberta Theatre Projects is thrilled to announce Playwrights Projects 2020, two weeks of concurrent digital workshops, from June 8 to June 20, 2020, featuring Undressed by Louise Casemore, Boom Baby by Natalie Meisner and a new adaptation of J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan by Andrew Scanlon.

Undressed  by Louise Casemore – June 8-13, 2020

The Undressed workshop will culminate in an exciting one-night-only online event on Saturday, June 13 at 7:00pm. Alberta Theatre Projects and Deane House have teamed up to create a special viewing and dining experience, featuring a live online reading of Undressed and a three-course meal for two and sommelier selected wine, specially curated by Deane House Chef Christopher Barton. The reading will be followed by a twenty-minute Q&A with Casemore moderated by Alberta Theatre Projects Executive & Artistic Director Darcy Evans. Tickets are $150 each (includes dinner and wine for 2, and a link to the live reading).


Boom Baby  by Natalie Meisner – June 16-18, 2020

Peter Pan  by J.M. Barrie, Adapted by Andrew Scanlon – June 15, 19, 10

Undressed  by Louise Casemore

This hilarious, heartfelt solo show, written and performed by dynamic Calgary theatre artist Louise Casemore, explores a simple but confounding question: What do you do with a used wedding dress?  What follows is a real-time zero waste auction, as Casemore embodies each of the brides who have chosen to let their wedding gown go. Each woman has a unique, moving story to tell as Casemore morphs from character to character. Undressed is a world premiere, commissioned and developed by Alberta Theatre Projects. It is a deeply personal play full of humour and heart, with more than a few dynamic interactive surprises.

Undressed is a world premiere, commissioned and developed by Alberta Theatre Projects, and is scheduled to receive its World Premiere at Alberta Theatre Projects in March 2021.

Boom Baby  by Natalie Meisner

Boom Baby tells the story of a young Maritimer, Iona, who is drawn out west for work in the mining camps. She is a loader operator, a strong young woman and fits into the working environment without complaint, striving to be “one of the guys.” That is until she becomes pregnant after a casual sexual encounter with a friend. Unwilling to have an abortion, and not seeing a way out of her situation, she considers carrying the baby to term and giving the baby to a couple who are experiencing infertility. In Canada, surrogate mothers cannot be paid, but operate under the assumption of altruism. Yet everything in a work camp environment is measured in dollars and cents. What can and can’t be given a dollar value, after all? Shared resources? A river? A water table? The future?

Natalie Meisner is a writer from Lockeport, Nova Scotia, and she has recently been named Calgary’s fifth Poet Laureate. Boom Baby has won both the Canadian National Playwriting Award and the Alberta Playwriting Competition in 2019.

Peter Pan  by J.M. Barrie, Adapted by Andrew Scanlon

With a touch of pixie dust, Peter Pan takes the three Darling children on a daring adventure filled with mischievous lost kids, blood-thirsty crocodiles and a crew of snarling pirates – led by the legendary Captain Hook.

This brand new adaptation of Peter Pan is scheduled to fly into the Martha Cohen Theatre this upcoming holiday season, and is set to feature the same creative team that brought Narnia gloriously to life in last season’s record-breaking The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, including Daniel Fong as the titular Peter Pan, Anna Dalgleish as Wendy, and Hanne Loosen once again taking on set and costume design.