2022-23 Sneak-a-Peek

Welcome to your exclusive first look at ATP’s 2022-23 Season!

As a renewing subscriber, we are very excited to release 2 show titles from the upcoming 2022-23 Season to you today, AND offer you the chance to renew early for a CHANCE TO WIN!

The 2022-23 season will kick off with…


Joyce, Effie and BB are cowgirl goddesses on Mount Olympus who lament that the heroines of rodeos past are all but forgotten. It’s a cowboy’s world. Cocky steer-ropers have stolen the spotlight down on earth for long enough. The goddesses decide to use their considerable supernatural powers to give rise to a cowgirl revolution. When they discover Cassidy Clark, a talented, charismatic loner from Okotoks, they know they have found the barrel racer poised to lead their cause. The three goddesses appear to her one day, offering her all the gifts she will need to earn her first buckle at the Canadian Finals Rodeo championship. We follow Cassidy atop her trusty mare, Starbright, as she rises to the top of the circuit, throwing back shots of Jack Daniels and two-stepping along the way. Cassidy wrestles with her new-found fame, and just how far she will push herself and Starbright in pursuit of their dream.

Anna Chatterton’s Cowgirl Up is a magical, thought-provoking, irreverent new work that takes on rodeo culture from a whole new perspective.

Audience Considerations: Suggested for ages 12+

Past subscribers will remember that Cowgirl Up was originally programmed to conclude our 2019-20 Season, but was never able to hit the stage due to the pandemic – so we are absolutely thrilled to be bringing this new Canadian play and world premiere to audiences this coming season!

We’re thrilled to announce that our 2022-23 Family Holiday Show will be…


This holiday season, escape into the jungles of India with this vibrant reimagining of the legend of the boy raised by wild animals. Mowgli lives by the law of the jungle, where survival depends not only on strength and courage but on wisdom and reliance on the wolf pack for survival. When a confrontation with a dangerous tiger isolates Mowgli, he is forced to confront the truth: is he a man-cub or a human? Caught between two worlds, with the support of his friends, Mowgli must search for his sense of self in a quest to discover where he truly belongs. Experience this timeless fable where a cast of familiar characters come to life through puppetry, stylized props, masks and movement. People of all ages will delight in this colourful and dynamic adventure that explores the true meaning of family. 

Exploring themes of courage, identity, and seeking to understand our place in the world – The Jungle Book’s coming-of-age story is as relevant today as it was when the stories were originally written.  

Audience Considerations: Suggested for ages 6+ 

The third production of the 2022-23 Season will be…


FAT. How does that word make you feel? Society tells us to deflect, avoid and distance ourselves from FAT. We’re in the midst of a revolution to unearth the deeply ingrained shame, blame and fear associated with fatness. Fairytales, lectures, dance, and song are infused with wild whimsy in The F Word. Creator-performers Keshia Cheesman and Bianca Miranda explore their friendship as two fat women on a journey to self-acceptance and fat liberation. They confront fatphobia, diet culture, and the intersection of fatness with race in this powerful, playfully political pop-art piece.

We are standing in the power of FAT. Go, grow, glow. Take up space.

Co-Created and Performed by Keshia Cheesman and Bianca Miranda
Directed by Donna-Michelle St. Bernard
Composition and Sound Design by KP Smith
Movement Direction by Clare Preuss
Costume Design by Kaori Torigai
Production Management by Adam Kostiuk
Dramaturgy by Nina Lee Aquino, Matt McGeachy and Donna-Michelle St. Bernard 

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Premiere Circle: $314
Zone A: $231
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Zone C: $120

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4-Play Packages

4-Play Thursday-Saturday Evening
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Premiere Circle: $269
Zone A: $201
Zone B: $161
Zone C: $117

4-Play Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Matinees
(excludes Holiday Show)

Premiere Circle: $250
Zone A: $183
Zone B: $140
Zone C: $96

(Package fees not included.)

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